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Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators take in a gas supply (typically ambient air) and filter out nitrogen. The process provides the higher amounts of oxygen needed for oxygen therapy...

Introducing the Oxygen Concentrator – A Revolutionary Product for Health and Wellness


If you're searching for a high-quality and efficient oxygen concentrator, you've come to the right place. The Oxygen Concentrator is a technologically advanced medical device that generates oxygen by purifying the air and delivering it to those in need.


Our Oxygen Concentrator is an innovative product that provides a safe, affordable, and convenient way of supplying oxygen for medical purposes. It has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, ensuring that patients can receive the oxygen they require without stress or discomfort.


The Oxygen Concentrator is built with premium quality materials to ensure durability, reliability, and long-term use. The device is portable, making it practical for anyone who requires oxygen therapy on the go. It has a sleek and stylish design that is attractive and engaging to the eye, while also delivering maximum performance and functionality.


Product Features:


1. Compact and portable design


The Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect solution for those who require oxygen therapy on the go. It's incredibly lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. It's an ideal product for people who travel frequently, ensuring they can access the oxygen they need at all times.


2. Automatic shut-off system


The Oxygen Concentrator has a state-of-the-art automatic shut-off system that ensures it shuts down when oxygen levels are too low or when there is a power outage. This feature guarantees the safety of patients using the device and prevents the risk of oxygen overdose.


3. Quiet Operation


The Oxygen Concentrator produces minimal noise during operation, making it the ideal device for use in public areas or environments where silence is a priority. The quiet operation of the device provides a peaceful and comfortable oxygen supply for patients, making it more comfortable for them to undergo therapy.


4. Efficient and Continuous Oxygen Supply


The Oxygen Concentrator is designed to provide a continuous supply of oxygen to patients. It is built with advanced technology that enhances its efficiency, ensuring that patients receive adequate oxygen flow to meet their individual needs.


5. User-friendly Interface


The Oxygen Concentrator comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate. It has an intuitive design that allows patients to adjust the oxygen flow levels and monitor the device's performance with ease. The simple interface makes it easy to use for patients of all ages or cognitive ability.


6. Advanced Oxygen Purity Sensor


The Oxygen Concentrator is equipped with an advanced sensor that detects the purity of oxygen being delivered to the patient. It ensures that the oxygen is of high quality and free from contaminants, enhancing the efficacy of treatment.


7. Energy-efficient design


The Oxygen Concentrator has an energy-efficient design that reduces energy consumption and reduces your carbon footprint. Its power-saving mode automatically activates when the device is idle, making it practical and environmentally friendly.




The Oxygen Concentrator is an innovative, high-quality device that provides a safe, reliable, and convenient solution for patients requiring oxygen therapy. Its advanced technology and intuitive design make it the ideal product for medical professionals and their patients. Its compact and portable design make it perfect for those who require oxygen therapy on the go, ensuring they can access essential treatment whenever and wherever they require it. Our Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect solution for those seeking superior quality and performance in a medical device.


Oxygen concentrators take in a gas supply (typically ambient air) and filter out nitrogen. The process provides the higher amounts of oxygen needed for oxygen therapy.

JoRadiant, a leading manufacturer specialized in oxygen solutions for more than 20 years, has been professionally dedicated to R&D, production and marketing of various oxygen concentrators, is headquartered in Shanghai, China. We have more than over 500 employees, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, with annual production capacity of 1.5 million units now.

Our Oxygen Concentrators can be large and stationary or small and portable. Our Concentrators are different than tanks or other containers supplying oxygen as they use electrical pumps to concentrate the continuous supply of oxygen that comes from the surrounding air. They are not only used as medical devices for oxygen therapy, also used for indoor oxygen supply, plateau simulation, industrial, veterinary and other fields.

Jo-Radiant: Your Leading Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturers in China


QA and QC covered each step of production and process in the whole factory, which make strict control of each product quality to ensure the finished products 100% qualified.

The rigorous and complete QA system has enabled JoRadiant to obtain international certificates such as CE, FDA, etc.


With more than 20 years of experience accumulation and market exploration, we have successfully obtained 28 patents for oxygen concentrators.

The technical team will always maintain innovation and independent research and development, and strive to be the vane leading the oxygen concentrator industries.


We have obtained 36 international certifications and market access permits including EU CE, EU FSC, U.S. FDA, Brazil ANVISA, Colombia INVIMA, Mexico COFEPRIS, Saudi Arab SFDA, Russian GOST, Uzbekistan MOH, Ethiopia FMHACA, Nigeria PC ...With all the certifications, we can freely sell to every corner of the world.


The unanimous choice of world-renowned NGO and governments, which witness JoRadiant quality and the leading position in the global market.


Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, annual production 1,500,000 units, to

ensure each order delivered on time.


To be the first choice where there is demand of oxygen

We will devote ourselves to making JoRadiant brand the benchmark of the market,

and empower oxygen to every rhythm of life.


• PSA oxygen benefits and saves over ten thousand of lives of Covid-19 patients. It's unknown how long Covid will exist, JoRadiant "soldiers" with more than 25 years of experience are ready to fight with it and protect human health in the past, at the moment and in the future.

• The central network oxygen monitoring will greatly improve the effectiveness and safety of oxygen therapy, so as to achieve humanized care. This is a project that we have been striving to develop in recent years with matured patients’ management in community hospitals.

• Human being relies on oxygen, not only in its survival, but also in improving and protecting its living conditions, which is urgently to be solved.

• No matter how fast human civilization will develop, PSA oxygen will be a permanent topic---that is, we will continue to explore the various needs of humans for oxygen!

How to Choose a Right Oxygen Concentrator?

1. Medical Oxygen Concentrator for Oxygen Therapy

Main Features:

● With medical grade oxygen concentration above 90%, better treatment effect for patients with pulmonary fibrosis (Star model JRJAY-10);

● Innovative cooling technology to ensure 24/7/365 operation;

● Humidifier bottle with a pressure relief value of 6PSI, safer and more comfortable;

● Four flexible casters with two brakes, can be moved or fixed according to different needs, more convenient and safer;

● User-friendly design with clear operating data displayed on LCD;

● Connected to BiPAP, more convenient for COPD patients to have oxygen therapy at home;

● Connected to HFNC, provide oxygen with stable concentration, quickly and effectively improve the patient who needs (Star model JRJAY-10);

● Connected to HBOC, rapidly and effectively increase the patient’s SPO2.



Oxygen Therapy:

For patients with COPD,

cerebral thrombosis,

coronary heart disease.


Connect with high flow nasal

oxygen device for the patients.

Blood oxygen saturation rapidly

increased to 95%.


Connected with flow splitter to

provide oxygen for multiple adults

or children at the same time.


Connected with oxygen chamber.

Stable outlet pressure ensure to

meet the chamber requirement.

Recommended Models:

2. Medical Oxygen Concentrator For hospital


Main Feature:

● It offers an economic, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen system;

● The design is made for 24/7 operation;

● It is equipped with automatic start&stop function, enabling the system to start and stop automatically;

● 1Nm3/h, 2Nm3/h, 5Nm3/h, 7Nm3/h, 10Nm3/h, 15Nm3/h models are available, best solution for hosptial with 5-100 patient beds.


For an anaesthesia machine in an operating room

For an anaesthesia machine in an operating room

For a ventilator in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

For a ventilator in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

For mini central oxygen system and oxygen cylinder filling system

For mini central oxygen system and oxygen cylinder filling system

For clinics

For clinics

Recommended Models:

3. Medical Oxygen Concentrator For home care

2 (3).jpg


● Pulse dose,100% utilization of oxygen;

● Equal to 5L continuous oxygen concentrator;

● Built-in battery



● 1-57 continuous oxygen supply;

● Multiple power supplies: connect AC power at home, DC power in car, battery outdoors.



● Ultra-quiet

● With pulse flow setting, equivalent to 9L each pulse dose, high purity of above 90%



● Inhale high purity oxygen(93%±3%) at home;

● Easy to read LCD display and simple control



• For patient with diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension,cardiovascular disease ;

• For the pregnant to enable better fetal development, prevent premature delivery;

• For mental workers, such as businessman, students, to relieve brain fatigue;

• For people with cervical spondylosis to relieve the hypoxia symptom.

4. Super lightweight Oxygen Concentrator for travelling

5. Veterinary oxygen concentrator

Veterinary oxygen concentrator

5LPM 8LPM 10LPM oxygen concentrators with 0.04-0.07Mpa for small animals.

Animals wear masks and connect to oxygen concentrators to inhale oxygen.

10LPM 20LPM oxygen concentrators with 0.4mpa for big animals

10LPM 20LPM oxygen concentrators with 0.4mpa for big animals

Equipped with atomization function to facilitate the operation.

Oxygen supply in ICU and oxygen chamber

Oxygen supply in ICU and oxygen chamber.

Oxygen source connect to the anesthesia machine

Oxygen source connect to the anesthesia machine.

6. Simulated altitude training hypoxic generator

Simulated altitude training hypoxic generator


• Hypoxic generator is for simulating oxygen concentration at altitudes up to 6,500 m

• Hypoxic purity 9%-16% to simulate different altitudes.

• With both hypoxic outlet and oxygen outlet for different demands.

• Continuous working 24/7

7. More Applications


Welding and cutting

Welding and cutting

Use the characteristics of oxygen to support combustion for oxygen welding and cutting.

Glass blowing

Glass blowing

Use oxy-fuel combustion in the production of glassware to improve combustion efficiency and reduce energy consumption.



Oxygenate the water to inhibit the growth of harmful anaerobic microorganisms, thereby improving the disease resistance of fish etc. aquatic animal.

Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment

Fill the sewage with oxygen, increase the respiration of aerobic microorganisms and prevent the reproduction of anaerobic microorganisms, thereby purifying the sewage.

Oxygen Source for Ozone Generator

Oxygen source for ozone generator

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and bleach with the advantage that it does not leave chemical residues, and is less harmful to people and the environment. Therefore, ozone is often used in the prevention and control of diseases and pests in agricultural, the disinfection of fishing boats, swimming pools, etc., the washing and disinfection of clothes in industrial laundry, etc.



Increase the indoor oxygen from 14% to 21%

Relieve the symptoms of hypoxia for plateau residents

Increase SPO2(oxygen saturation) from 88% to 93%

Extend life span of plateau people

Improves the internal environment of human breathing and promoting a virtuous cycle of body metabolism which can relieve the symptoms of hypoxia.

8. Common Accessories for Oxygen Concentrator


An Oxygen Concentrator utilizes the basic principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to deliver 90-96% pure oxygen. Air contains 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, and 1% other trace gases. PSA process utilizes the ability of Zeolite Molecular Sieve to absorb nitrogen to separate the oxygen from air.



1. Ambient air passing through a series of filters is drawn into the machine by a compressor.

2. As Compressed Air passes through one of the adsorption tower, the molecular sieve selectively adsorbs the Nitrogen and allows the remaining Oxygen to pass through it and exit as a product gas.it and exit as a product gas.

3. When the adsorption tower becomes saturated with Nitrogen the inlet airflow is switched to the second adsorption tower. The first one is regenerated by desorbing nitrogen through depressurisation and purging it with some of the product oxygen. The cycle is then repeated to deliver oxygen continuously.

4. Supplying oxygen through Oxygen tank-Flowmeter-Humidifier.

Oxygen Concentrator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The difference between Ventilator and Oxygen concentrator

According to incomplete statistics, the highest deathrate of chronic diseases in recent years is not cancer, nor cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases but respiratory diseases. Mechanical ventilation and correct oxygen supply are the most important means for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

As we all know, both oxygen concentrators and ventilators can improve respiratory conditions. The principle of treatment is to improve and correct hypoxemia, carbon dioxide retention, and metabolic dysfunction as soon as possible on the premise of ensuring airway patency. The use of oxygen concentrator in conjunction with a ventilator is the most important means of treating diseases of the respiratory system. What is the difference between Oxygen concentrator and Ventilator here? When are the oxygen concentrator and ventilator used together? What should be paid attention to when using oxygen concentrator with ventilator…

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Which one is better for oxygen therapy Oxygen concentrator or oxygen cylinder?

Oxygen cylinder is that the earliest oxygen supply equipment, which isn't suffering from power outages, but long-term using costs high and it's difficult for the transportation, meantime there are certain safety risks.

The household oxygen concentrator adopts physical oxygen generation method. After connection, oxygen supply can flow continuously, and therefore the oxygen flow are often adjusted at will. it's suitable for private oxygen therapy, oxygen health care and oxygen supply in small and medium-sized hospitals…

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How to use high flow oxygen concentrator cooperating with HFNC?

High-flow respiratory humidifier may be a new oxygen therapy, which has been proved by an outsized number of clinical studies reception and abroad. The device consists of an air-oxygen blender, a humidifier, one heating circuit, a large-diameter nasal congestion catheter or a tracheostomy connector, and a mask adapter. It mainly enters the cavity directly through a nasal congestion catheter that doesn't get to be sealed, and enters the humidified and warmed mixed breathing gas that's above the patient's peak inspiratory flow, and therefore the oxygen purity is accurate and controllable. it's a cushy and effective breathing treatment method. it's suitable for invasive or non-invasive patients with spontaneous breathing, and can't be used for all times support…

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Daily Maintenance of Oxygen Concentrator

In everyday life, more and more people use the oxygen concentrator for healthcare, because it can't only prevent diseases, but also features a good auxiliary treatment effect on many diseases in life.

The users of oxygen concentrator are growing rapidly, more and more problems are encountered. How should we maintain the oxygen concentrator in our everyday life? Here is our instruction:

1. Clean the humidifier bottle regularly

Cleaning period: (5-7 days in summer, 7-10 days in winter)

Cleaning method: soak vinegar or white vinegar in water for quarter-hour, then rinse with water.

2. Replace the water in humidifier bottle regularly

Replacement period: (1-2 days in summer, 3-5 days in winter)

Water in humidifier bottle: water, purified water, cool boiled water…

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What is the atomization function of oxygen concentrator?

Numerous people always vacillate when buying oxygen concentrator. Whether need the atomization or not? What's it? How to use? Moment, then in detail to introduce the oxygen machine nebulization function. First, let’s explore what's the nebulization function. In fact, nebulization is a kind of treatment system in drug. It uses a nebulization device to disperse medicines or results into bitsy driblets, which are suspended in the air and smelled into the respiratory tract and lungs to clean the airways. It can be used for original treatment to relieve spasm, reduce inflammation, expectorant and relieve cough, which has the characteristics of small side goods and good remedial effect, substantially for asthma, cough, habitual bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory conditions caused by bronchitis…

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What does the power consumption indicator of the oxygen concentrator mean?

The main product of the oxygen station is oxygen, and the energy consumed is mainly electrical energy. Therefore, the energy consumption index of the oxygen generator is usually measured by the electrical energy (kw·h) consumed to produce 1m3 of oxygen (standard state), that is, kW·h/ m3.

The power consumption index is not calculated according to the rated output and the power of the motor, but is determined according to the actual output and power consumption. The unit of motor power is kW, which means it can do 1kJ of work per second; the unit of electrical energy is kW·h, which is the unit of work, 1kW·h=3600kJ. However, a 5000kW motor does not necessarily consume 5000kW·h of electric energy per hour, and must be measured and accumulated by a watt-hour meter. Therefore, energy consumption indicators can be calculated based on the total power consumption and total oxygen production during the statistical period…

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Is oxygen concentrator helpful for Neonatal Cyanosis?

Neonatal Cyanosis, also called cyanosis or cyanosis, is a common symptom of neonatal disease. Newborn refers to babies within four weeks after birth. It is found that the newborn has the symptoms of the hair group, and attention should be paid immediately, and the doctor should be consulted and treated in time to avoid the deterioration of the condition.

The main causes of neonatal cyanosis are as follows:

1. Congenital causes, such as neonatal congenital posterior nasal atresia, megaglossia, congenital tracheal stenosis, etc. Due to the poor airway, oxygen cannot fully enter the lungs, causing hypoxia.

2.There is mucus in the nasal cavity of the newborn or obstruction caused by dementia, but the cyanosis disappears after crying with one mouth…

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Oxygen concentrator vs ventilator

Household ventilators and oxygen concentrators are both commonly used medical equipment in our families. However, many people often confuse these two types together and mistake the ventilator as an oxygen concentrator, mistakenly thinking that the ventilator can also produce oxygen. In fact, it is not. So, what is the difference between a home ventilator and an oxygen concentrator?

Ventilators and oxygen concentrators are two essentially different medical devices. Let's first understand the working principles of ventilator and oxygen concentrator…

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How long does it take to inhale oxygen with a household oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen inhalation by household oxygen concentrators is a health care method that many people have already known and understood. With the increasing number of people using household oxygen concentrators, how to properly use oxygen has indeed become a headache for many people. So how to use the home oxygen concentrator to inhale oxygen correctly? How to control the general oxygen inhalation time? The following JoRadiant oxygen concentrator will teach you how to use it correctly and control the length of oxygen inhalation.

Regarding the use of household oxygen concentrators, users need to accurately recognize their own conditions to choose suitable oxygen concentrators. As to how to choose the correct household oxygen concentrator suitable for users, the editor will focus on this in the next article on oxygen therapy knowledge…

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The function and characteristics of household dispersion oxygen concentrator

The turbid smoke, irritating smell of wine in the traditional closed KTV, bars, various molds that breed in the humid environment, and the low-concentration oxygen environment have injected a huge threat to pure entertainment. In this case, chest tightness, dizziness, irritability, and even nausea will occur, and the peculiar smell of cigarettes and alcohol will become more and more obvious, which leads to the fact that there are many peculiar smells of cigarettes and alcohol on the clothes and hair after the consumer leaves. His entertainment later turned into annoyance, which affected the mood of entertainment…

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What is the difference between the atomization function oxygen generator and the ordinary oxygen generator?

Home oxygen concentrators are a type of household appliances, which are divided into household health care type and medical grade, as well as with atomization function and without atomization function. Everyone knows that the main difference between home health care and medical grade is the oxygen concentration. So, what is the difference between an atomizing oxygen generator and an ordinary oxygen generator?

First of all, the principle of the atomizing oxygen generator is to atomize the liquid medicine into extremely fine particles through compressed air. The patient inhales the aerosol into the body while inhaling oxygen, so that the body can better absorb the medicine…

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What are the advantages of using a home oxygen concentrator to absorb oxygen at home?

Every day in life, many people need oxygen inhalation due to diseases or emergencies. If there is no home oxygen concentratorat home, they need to go to the hospital to inhale oxygen. Although everyone knows that it is inconvenient to go to the hospital to inhale oxygen, few people think of using a home oxygen concentrator to inhale oxygen at home. The following will introduce the advantages of using a home oxygen concentrator to absorb oxygen at home.

Firstly, low cost

At present, the price of a home oxygen concentrator ranges from $200-$1200. Although you need to pay a one-time purchase fee when purchasing the machine, you can inhale oxygen after plugging in the electricity at home, and no other costs are required; while going to the hospital to inhale oxygen every time, it is close to $20, and it will cost a lot of money after a few suctions. Buying a home oxygen concentrator is not for one person, the whole family can take oxygen for health care…

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Introduction to general household oxygen concentrators

The main users of home oxygen concentrators are the elderly and patients with some diseases. Affected by the aging of the population and environmental pollution, more and more people use home oxygen concentrators. Many people now need to use a home oxygen concentrator, but don't know much about it. The following is the introduction of the home oxygen generator.

1. The use of household oxygen generators

Home oxygen generators are common household oxygen generators. The main purpose is to produce oxygen and provide oxygen to people who need oxygen supplementation. In addition, in order to facilitate the use of patients, the home oxygen concentrator also has a model with atomization function, which can atomize the liquid medicine into droplets, which is more conducive to absorption…

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Maintenance Tips for Home Oxygen Concentrators

All electrical appliances have a service life, and different ways of use will affect their service life. Home oxygen concentrators are also a type of household appliances, and the usual maintenance of the machine will affect its service life. The following is to introduce some maintenance tips for household oxygen concentrators.

Precautions when the machine is idle

1. Remove the humidification cup, pour out the water in the cup, and put it back in place.

2. Cut off the power and put away the power cord.

3. Store the oxygen delivery tube and oxygen suction tube at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and pollution…

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Can you become dependent on oxygen machine?

You may ask, I often use a household oxygen concentrator for oxygen inhalation, will I become dependent on oxygen inhalation? In particular, the elderly will worry that they will become dependent on oxygen after inhaling oxygen, which will be detrimental to their health! Here we will explain to you the question of whether oxygen inhalation will produce dependence or not. Please do not worry.

First of all, even if you regularly use a household oxygen concentrator to inhale oxygen, you will not become dependent on oxygen inhalation. The reasons will be explained in detail below. These are not what we said, they are all well-documented and summarized…

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What are the characteristics of the oxygen concentrator?

1. Safety. The medical oxygen generator is a pure physical oxygen generator without any chemical agent. Safe voltage, not to worry about leakage and explosion.

2. Convenience. Oxygen is released when plugged in, and it is very convenient to use and operate.

3. Economy. It only takes 2 cents to use the electricity for 1 hour, the service life is as long as 20 years, and the average daily cost is less than 8 cents (including electricity).

4. Science. Oxygen-enriched at international standard level, inhaling whenever you want, no oxygen dependence and oxygen poisoning, most suitable for home oxygen therapy and oxygen health care.

What are Oxygen Concentrator specifications?

At present, our oxygen generators include 1L, 3L, 5L, 8L,10L ,20L and other specifications, with various optional functions such as atomization and blood oxygen detection.

Who is suitable for the oxygen concentrator?

The earth is the environment on which human beings live because it has the conditions that human beings need to survive. Food, water, and oxygen are all indispensable substances. Usually, when you are hungry or thirsty, your body will have obvious feelings, but it is difficult to detect hypoxia. In fact, many people around us are hypoxic, so which groups of people need oxygen supplementation? We take the following examples for your reference:

1. The elderly often supplement oxygen, enhance physical fitness, and delay aging.

Due to the decline of physical function, the elderly need to supplement oxygen regularly to improve the oxygen supply of the body. Regular oxygen supplementation can delay the functional decline of body organs and reduce the chance of stubborn diseases. For middle-aged and elderly people with special populations such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and angina pectoris, oxygen inhalation can significantly improve blood oxygen saturation and prolong life…

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The following diseases require oxygen therapy:

Respiratory: systema respiratorium diseases affect lung ventilation disorders, like asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary heart condition, etc…

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ow many liters should the oxygen concentrator choose when you make oxygen therapy?

Oxygen inhalation is a popular health care method now. Oxygen inhalation for patients can assist in the treatment of diseases. Oxygen inhalation for ordinary people can play a role in health care. Oxygen inhalation for pregnant women helps the growth and development of the fetus. Although there are many benefits of oxygen inhalation, many people do not know the flow of oxygen inhalation. The following is how to master the oxygen flow rate that suits you:

1. The oxygen flow rate and oxygen concentration of the mainstream household oxygen generators on the market are inversely proportional. The larger the oxygen flow rate, the lower the oxygen concentration. The oxygen flow rate of general household oxygen generators is adjustable from 1 to 5L, and the oxygen concentration corresponding to each liter of oxygen output is different. Users should understand this point when using it...

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What is Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen generator is a type of machine that produces oxygen, and its principle is to use air separation technology. Firstly, the air is compressed at a high density and then the different condensation points of each component in the air are used to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then rectify it to separate it into oxygen and nitrogen. In general, people are used to calling it an oxygen concentrator because it is mostly used to produce oxygen. Because oxygen and nitrogen are widely used, oxygen generators are also widely used in the national economy. Especially in medical, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, national defense and other industries are most used…

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What is Oxygen Concentrator used for?

Oxygen generator mainly uses oxygen supply to improve the physiological and biochemical internal environment of the human body, and promote a virtuous cycle of metabolic processes, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases, relieving symptoms, promoting recovery, preventing lesions, and improving health. Clinical practice has proved that oxygen therapy, with its unique treatment mechanism, can effectively treat acute and chronic ischemia-hypoxic disorders and secondary diseases caused by hypoxia in various clinical departments…

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What are the applications of oxygen generators?

Our oxygen concentrator can be widely applied in many industries. We take some samples as following:

In daily life, there are often places with dense population, poor air circulation, and thin plateau oxygen that need to use an oxygen concentrator. The size of the oxygen generator can be determined according to the maximum population density and the size of the space, and the oxygen generator of the corresponding specification can be selected for the sauna room, oxygen bar/leisure activity room for the elderly, plateau oxygen-sparse areas or underground shopping malls; …

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What should people pay attention to when using oxygen concentrators?

When you use our oxygen concentrator, the main precautions for oxygen inhalation are:

(1) Closely observe the effect of oxygen therapy. For example, symptoms such as dyspnea are relieved, and the heartbeat is normal or close to normal, indicating that oxygen therapy is effective. Otherwise, the cause should be found and dealt with in time.

(2) High-concentration oxygen supply should not be used for too long. It is generally believed that oxygen inhalation concentration > 60% for more than 24 hours may cause oxygen poisoning…

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What are the advantages of our Oxygen Concentrator?

Our oxygen concentrator is very popular worldwide, here are our advantages as following:

1. Ultra-quiet oil-free compressor: It is composed of imported high wear-resistant leather bowl and motor material, with sufficient air volume and long service life. It can ensure the oxygen extraction efficiency more continuously and stably, complete the cycle process of adsorption and separation more efficiently, and the obtained oxygen concentration is high, pure and fully stable.

2. Computer-aided cooling system and mute structure design: The domestic high-end computer product technology is adopted to ensure that the whole machine truly achieves long-term stable operation of super bass…

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How many types of Oxygen Concentrator are there?

At present, there are many ways to make oxygen by the oxygen concentrator in the market. Try to choose a molecular sieve oxygen generator with mature technology. Molecular sieve oxygen generator is the only sophisticated oxygen generator at present, and the only one with international and national standards. When purchasing an oxygen generator, it is necessary to choose this molecular sieve type oxygen generator. It obtains oxygen directly from the air. It is ready to use, fresh and natural, and there is no risk of high pressure and explosion. Moreover, the oxygen concentration of this oxygen production method is pure and the service life is longer.

We can also see several other oxygen production products in China, and we should understand these oxygen production methods.

The first type: Oxygenator using chemical preparations as raw materials

A container with an inhalation function needs to constantly buy medicines and put them in it to produce oxygen. The biggest advantage of this oxygen generator is that it is cheap when you buy it at the beginning, but the follow-up costs are expensive. You can only inhale for 15 minutes with a single dose of medicine. In addition, it is also a chemical oxygen generator, and there will be some side effects of other gases. But there is an advantage, that is, the oxygen concentration is very high, which can reach 90%. For those who need first aid, oxygen can be replenished in time. However, it is specially pointed out that this kind of oxygen generator cannot be used for a long time…

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What is the difference between 1 liter, 3 liter, 5 liter, 6liter, 8liter and 10 liter of oxygen concentrator from technical parameters?

Generally Speaking,many different liters of oxygen concentrator are very common. Here we tell you how to distinguish them from their technical parameters with two tables as following:








Rated power (VA)







Operation voltage (V/Hz)


Oxygen flow (L/mln)







Oxygen concentration (%)


Outlet pressure (Mpa)



Power failure; low&high pressure;
Optional: temperature; low purity; maintenance reminding after 3000 hours use

Sound level (dB(A))







LCD display

accumulating timing; present timing; timing;

Large LCD display (optional)

Switch times; pressure digital(accuracy:0.001MPa);
accumulating timing(range:0-99999hours);
present timing (accuracy:1 minute); presetting timing (accuracy:1 minute) Optional: temperature digital(accuracy:0.1); purity digital;
maintenance reminding; SPO2 digital(accuracy:1%);

Electrical category:

Class II Type B

Net Weight (Kg)







Atomization particle (optional)

≤5 μ reaches 90% only for atomization type

Low purity alarm (Optional)

when oxygen purity is ≥85%, the blue lamp is on,
when oxygen purity is < 85%, red lamp is on, indicating low purity
Accuracy: ±3%

Pulse oximeter(optional)

Pulse oximeter will be installed to oxygen concentrator to monitor
SPO2 on LCD display.


T5AL/ 250V

T5AL/ 250V

T6.3AL/ 250V

T5AL/ 250V

T6.3AL/ 250V

T6.3AL/ 250V

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Is there any limitation of Oxygen Concentrator?

Many oxygen concentrators require a power source, and if no power, they won't work. However, an oxygen generator with a backup battery can be used.

Some oxygen concentrators are very noisy, which may make it difficult for those who have poor sleep to fall asleep. But you can choose an ultra-quiet oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen generators require regular cleaning and maintenance. For lazy people, it is easy to cause bacterial growth.

In particular, medical care by medical oxygen generators such as atomization therapy, require professional guidance from doctors.

What are parts of Oxygen Concentrators?

These parts of the fuselage vary according to the brand and model of the oxygen generator, while the oxygen generator basically includes: power switch, base, molecular sieve adsorption tower, control valve, flow meter, circuit board, compressor, Gas circuit, casing, line, pipeline, etc.

Are there other technologies that can replace Oxygen Concentrator?

No. No matter medical ventilator, nebulizer, oxygen cylinder, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, etc. they have their own application focus. Here are links for your reference.

1. Oxygen Concentrator VS Ventilator

2. What Is The Difference Between An Oxygen Concentrator And A Nebulizer?

3. What Is The Difference Between A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber And An Oxygen Concentrator?

4. What Is The Difference Between An Oxygen Generator And An Active Oxygen Purifier?

5. What Is The Difference Between A Home Oxygen Concentrator And A Hospital Oxygen Concentrator?

How do household oxygen concentrators produce oxygen?

The working principle of household oxygen generators: the current oxygen generators are molecular sieve oxygen generators. The oxygen generators suck air into the compressor in the machine, and then the compressed air enters the molecular sieve, and the molecular sieve will remove the nitrogen in the air. There is no consumables, no other substances in Oxygen. Oxygen for human inhalation, is high oxygen concentration, safe and convenient to use.

How does a home oxygen generator produce oxygen? In fact, the oxygen generator produces oxygen by physical means, using air as the raw material, and obtaining high-concentration oxygen through separation technology. While no other substances are generated or consumed in the whole process...

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What is the difference between a home oxygen concentrator and a hospital oxygen concentrator?

Medical oxygen generators are oxygen concentrators that have relevant national medical device licenses and can be used for medical treatment; while household oxygen generators are only for ordinary health care and cannot be used for patient medical treatment. The main differences are as follows:

1. Oxygen concentration: Medical oxygen generator - oxygen concentration is stably maintained at ≥ 93% under any oxygen output flow; while household oxygen generator - extremely unstable, the oxygen concentration is only 30% - 90% under different oxygen output flow;

2. Equipment classification: Medical oxygen concentrators - medical devices are tested, approved and issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, and medical device licenses are issued; and household oxygen concentrators is non-medical devices (no medical device licenses);...

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What is the difference between an oxygen generator and an active oxygen purifier?

Oxygen purifiers are divided into the following 3 types

1. Filter type. The filter-type air purifier can intercept the particles suspended in the air, and can absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene, and has good sterilization and disinfection effects.

2. Negative ion type. The negative ion air purifier has the functions of purification, dust removal, odor removal and sterilization. Unlike the filter type, the filter needs to be replaced regularly, and there is no noise.

3. Ultraviolet type. Ultraviolet air purifiers can purify germs, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms to prevent various infectious diseases. However, improper use may cause damage to eyes, skin, etc.

Regarding Oxygen Concentrator, there are four types as following…

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What is the difference between a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and an oxygen concentrator?

What is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber? what is the difference between it and an ordinary oxygen concentrator? What is the difference in cost, and what is the effect of treatment? I think this is what everyone is concerned about.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber: As the name implies, it absorbs pure oxygen in an environment that is one atmosphere higher than normal pressure to achieve the purpose of treatment., and the oxygen concentration in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is also higher than that produced by ordinary oxygen generators. It needs to be carried out in a special hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and requires professional supervision throughout the process. The requirements are very strict, and the cost of single use is very high. So it is only used in medical institutions. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be used for first aid, rescuing patients, treating various diseases such as carbon monoxide poisoning, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and recovery after surgery. The effect of treatment is better, and the patient can recover faster. Here are more advantages…

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What is the difference between an oxygen concentrator and a nebulizer?

Atomizer (nebulizer)

A nebulizer is a drug delivery device that is mainly used for aerosol therapy, which is usually used for respiratory and lung infections.

Drugs administered by nebulization must be nebulized into small particles to reach the lungs, and proper use of a nebulizer can help maximize drug delivery to the affected area. In the other words, the nebulizer is to make medicine into small droplets or small particles with a diameter of several microns, that is, aerosol. With breathing, the medicine will directly enter the respiratory tract and lungs. It is often used to relieve and treat respiratory diseases such as asthma and cough…

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What factors can determine the quality of oxygen generators?

1. Molecular sieve

Molecular sieve is the most important core component in the oxygen generator, just like the central processing unit in the computer. Its function is to separate oxygen and other inert gases from the air. The quality of the molecular sieve directly determines the oxygen flow rate of the oxygen generator and the stability of the oxygen concentration.

2. Compressor

The quality of the compressor directly affects the life of the whole machine. A good compressor has a life span of more than 10 years, a large air flow, and a good molecular sieve matching, and the oxygen output effect is better.

3. The heat dissipation performance of the oxygen generator

Oxygen generators with good heat dissipation performance generally use metal cooling fans, with thick fan blades, some of which can reach 38MM, so as to ensure good heat dissipation effect and will not stop due to heating...

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Can we test Oxygen Concentrators before purchase? How do we test?

Yes. You can. If you are our distributors, we have many professional ways to help you test it. If you are an end-user, you can use Oxygen Analyzer Tester to measure oxygen concentration. If it is over 93%±3% and stable, the oxygen concentrator is good enough. In addition, the less noise, the better the oxygen generator, if under the same energy consumption.

What is the production process of the Oxygen Concentrator?

The production process of oxygen generator mainly includes the following 6 processes

1. Production of various parts

2. Component assembly including front panel and module

3. Assembly of adsorption tower

4. Whole machine assembly

5. Aging test

6. Finished Packaging

How do you troubleshoot Oxygen Concentrators?

If your oxygen concentrator fails to operate properly, please refer to the troubleshooting chart on the following pages for probable causes and solutions. If problems with the equipment continue, please contact your Equipment Provider.

NOTE: If the unit has not been used for an extended time period, it needs to operate for several minutes before power failure alarm can become activated.

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What are the factors that affect the service life of Oxygen Concentrators?

For many people who are using an oxygen concentrator and preparing to buy an oxygen concentrator, the service life is a very critical issue. There are two key factors that determine the life of an oxygen generator: compressor and molecular sieve.

1. The life of the compressor

First of all, it is necessary to know that the compressor provides power, one of the essential components of an oxygen generator, and is also the core technical accessory of the oxygen generator. The compressor is distinguished by its displacement. From the theory It is said that the larger the displacement, the greater the power in general, the better the effect. From a technical point of view, it is generally believed that high-power compressors are better than low-power compressors. At the same time, the headroom of the compressor with larger displacement will be relatively large, and the displacement may be slightly attenuated during use, but it can also meet the minimum requirements of the system. so, the oxygen generator that needs to have a longer life, must do a large displacement...

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What should you pay attention to when buying an oxygen concentrator?

Precautions for the purchase of oxygen concentrators

(1) Pay attention to the oxygen concentration

When purchasing an oxygen generator, we must pay attention to the stable oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator, which is a key factor in identifying the quality of an oxygen generator. According to the (China) State Food and Drug Administration's standard requirements for oxygen generator products, the oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator needs to be maintained above 90% to be considered a qualified product...

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What does the alarm sound of the oxygen concentrator mean?

Here are main alarms of oxygen concentrators:

Power failure alarm: In case of a loss of mains power or when the power cord is not plugged into the wall outlet, an audible alarm is activated with red indicator on.

Low- & high-pressure alarm: There is a pressure sensor on the main board to check the system pressure, when the pressure is lower than 0.1Mpa, there is an audible alarm with yellow indicator on and the oxygen concentrator is still working; When the pressure is higher than 0.23Mpa, there is an audible alarm with red indicator on and the oxygen concentrator is stopped…

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How to use an oxygen concentrator?

Here are operation instructions for oxygen concentrators:

▲:Be certain to place the unit where all sides are at least 30 cm away from walls, draperies, furniture, or other obstructions. Do not place the unit in a confined area.

▲:Do not turn on or off frequently. To restart the oxygen concentrator after turning off, no less than 5 minutes are necessary (namely, exhaust internal gas of the oxygen concentrator completely, for if air compressor turns on with pressure, its life will be shortened).

1. If used with a humidifier, unscrew the flask from the humidifier in clockwise direction, pour in proper distilled water or cold boiled water within the scale between the max line and the min line, then re-connect the top cover to the humidifier bottle, as shown in Figure 5 or Figure 6. The humidifier must comply with the general requirement of the 93/42/EEC European Directive as appropriate...

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How many liters of oxygen generators do household oxygen generators generally use?

The choice of how many liters of oxygen generator mainly depends on the user population and performance requirements. Under the premise that the oxygen concentration stipulated by the state is 93%±3, it can be divided into 1L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 9L, 10L, etc. according to the maximum oxygen output of the oxygen generator. Various liters can be the reference standards to define the adaptability and performance of the oxygen generator:

■ 1L oxygen generator

The 1L oxygen generator is suitable for pregnant women who need general oxygen inhalation and mental workers (such as students and white-collar workers in companies) who work and study for a long time. It is mainly used for health care. Generally, oxygen therapy can be carried out for about 30 minutes to relieve temporary Fatigue, more energy...

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Are Home Oxygen Concentrators Useful?

Home oxygen generators are of course useful. Home oxygen generators are mainly used to produce oxygen. For example, the elderly, the sick and pregnant women need oxygen inhalation. It is much more convenient to have an oxygen generator at home. Regular inhalation of oxygen at home for the elderly can prevent the occurrence of senile diseases, and can delay aging.

Oxygen inhalation in patients with special diseases can prevent the further development of the disease, improve the immunity of the whole body and the respiratory tract, relieve shortness of breath, improve the mental state, enhance the activity ability, and significantly improve the quality of life, which plays an important role in the complete recovery of the disease.

Inhalation of oxygen by pregnant women can increase the blood oxygen content of the mother, so that the fetus can obtain more oxygen, which is more conducive to the health of the mother and the growth of the fetus.

What is the general power of the oxygen generator?

The power of oxygen concentrators is generally in the range of 300 to 3300 watts, and the specific power still needs to be determined by the model of the oxygen generator and the amount of oxygen produced.

Who is the 1L oxygen generator suitable for?

The 1-liter oxygen concentrator is suitable for the health-care oxygen inhalation of people with mild hypoxia, such as pregnant women with mild hypoxia, students who use their brains for a long time, and white-collar workers.

How to do the maintenance of oxygen concentrators?

How to do the daily maintenance of the oxygen generator? We believe that the shopping guide must have told you how to do when you bought it, but some people may forget it after a long time. If you want to extend the life of the oxygen generator, daily maintenance is essential.

1. Daily maintenance of oxygen inhalation tube

The nose tip on the oxygen inhalation tube is the most easily dirty, and it is recommended that it should be cleaned after each use. It can be wiped with alcohol, or soaked in 5% potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes, and then washed with clean water. It is very simple. The oxygen suction tube can be cleaned once or twice a week. Pay attention to keeping the tube dry and free of water droplets...

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What consumables do the oxygen concentrators need?

Ordinary consumers do not need to pay too much attention to the functions of the parts of the main fuselage, because it is not a consumable and easy-to-replace item.

Among other related accessories, the oxygen suction tube and filter cotton should be replaced regularly in future use, and these accessories can be purchased in many local places. The filter cotton can be used at least 6 months.

What should I do if the oxygen concentrator does not produce oxygen?

If the oxygen generator does not produce oxygen, it is generally due to a problem of the compressor or molecular sieve, and the oxygen outlet may be blocked to prevent leakage. If the oxygen generator does not produce oxygen, the pipeline of the oxygen generator may be blocked. If the oxygen generator itself does not produce oxygen, it may be that there is a fault inside the oxygen generator. It should be sent to the manufacturer for maintenance, or ask a professional maintenance master come to the door to check how to repair. If the pipeline of the oxygen generator is blocked, everyone should clear the pipeline of the oxygen generator. If some oxygen generator parts are broken, it is necessary to replace the oxygen concentrator parts.

A home oxygen concentrator VS a medical oxygen concentrator, which is better?

Of course, medical oxygen generators are better. They can offer you higher oxygen concentration (over 93%), more stable oxygen production and longer service life. Most of our oxygen concentrators are for medical use, which also can be used at home.

How many hours can the oxygen generators work continuously?

Qualified oxygen concentrators can work continuously for 24 hours

Do oxygen concentrators work? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of oxygen generators

Here is the advice from a respiratory specialist of 3A public hospital:

Oxygen concentrators of course can work well.

The advantage of oxygen inhalation by an oxygen concentrator is that it can provide oxygen to patients to timely reduce symptoms such as hypoxemia and respiratory failure.

The main disadvantage is that if the patients use medical oxygen generators improperly and the oxygen flow is too high or the flow rate is too fast, it may lead to carbon dioxide retention in the patient, severe type II respiratory failure, pulmonary encephalopathy and other adverse complications, when the medical oxygen concentrators are used for patients with COPD to inhale oxygen.

Therefore, the oxygen inhalation of the medical oxygen generator itself is beneficial. While professional guidance for medical use is very important, which ensure better results for health.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electrolyzed water oxygen generator?

This kind of oxygen generator is very backward, and now it is basically eliminated. It is to use electricity to split water to extract oxygen. There must be an electrode decomposition device in it, and water must be continuously added. The price of this kind of oxygen generator is low, but the service life is shorter. The oxygen concentrators cannot be tilted or moved casually, otherwise it will be damaged. The stability is poor and the power consumption is also very large.

What we use now are pressure swing adsorption molecular sieve oxygen generators, which use molecular sieves to separate oxygen in the air. The oxygen generation principle of this oxygen concentrator is not to add water. It is very convenient to use. But many people will see that this kind of oxygen generator has a humidification cup, and a little water will be added to the humidification cup. The water added here is to moisten the oxygen. At present, this oxygen generator is the most advanced, without consumables, and it is also very environment-friendly.

How much does an oxygen concentrator cost, and what are the factors that affect the price?

The price for different model will be different. The price of oxygen concentrators for home use, medical use, portable type will be different, too. You can enquire us or our local agents on specific model or application.

In general, the price of oxygen generators is now around $300 to $1000, and some are more than $2000. The quality of oxygen generator mainly depends on compressor and molecular sieve. The price is also related to the brand and portable type.

Are your oxygen generators competitive in price?

Yes. We have strong supply chain to control the cost and ensure high quality oxygen concentrators. We often provide various support to our agents or distributors.

How do you control the quality of your oxygen concentrator? What if there is a problem with the quality?

We have more than 20 years of mature production experience on oxygen concentrators, more than 50 R&D engineers, and more than 200 professional technicians to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire production process. All raw materials are fully tested by our quality inspection team. Every oxygen concentrator is 100% subject to an aging test before factory.

If any question, you can enquire our local agents or directly our group. The following instruction can be also for your good reference...

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Can the Oxygen Concentrator be customized? What can be customized?

Yes. First of all, Firstly, it should be complied with the local laws and regulations of China and the importing country. Secondly, purchasing QTY of oxygen concentrators should meet MOQ. The last, OEM may incur additional charges.

Customized content can include LOGO, importer company name, contact information, special packaging design, etc.

How to order the Oxygen Concentrator?

If you are an end-user, you can buy oxygen concentrator from our local agents.

You can contact us by Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. We will tell you the contact details.

If you want to be our agent or distributor, you can contact us directly.

How do I choose the right oxygen concentrator?

Generally speaking, people who need an oxygen concentrator are mostly due to lung diseases, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, respiratory diseases and so on.

Low blood oxygen levels are very dangerous and directly affect our decision-making abilities. If the oxygen levels in the blood drop too much, it can impair the function of vital organs such as the brain and heart.

Our medical oxygen concentrator is really helpful for people with low blood oxygen levels.

Before buying an oxygen concentrator, we can choose it based on the following tips, for example:

1. Flow

In fact, one of the most important factors is to check the oxygen flow capability when purchasing oxygen concentrators. Flow rate indicates the rate at which oxygen can be delivered from the machine to the patient...

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What is your payment term for the Oxygen Concentrator?

Generally speaking, T/T is the most popular payment method. L/C is also acceptable.

If you order an oxygen concentrator as sample, PayPal can be accepted, too.

What is the lead time for this Oxygen Concentrator?

It will be about 3-7days after payment confirmed. If the purchasing QTY of Oxygen Concentrators is large or during busy season, the lead time will be checked separately.

How is the oxygen concentrator shipped and what mode of transportation is used?

It can be by sea, by air or by express.

If several oxygen concentrators, it will be mostly shipped by express.

If 10units or more, by air can be put into consideration.

If 20units or more, by sea may be better cost effective if it is not urgent.

How to ensure that oxygen concentrators will not be damaged due to the long transportation period?

We will use foam, PVC and carton to protect each oxygen concentrator. In addition, we add pallet to strengthen protection. If necessary, we will apply wooden box to pack oxygen concentrators.

What is your warranty policy of oxygen concentrators? How to solve the problems of overseas customers in time?

Here is general warranty policy for oxygen concentrators:

Warranty for whole unit:15 months

Warranty for magnetic valve:24 months

Warranty for compressor:24 months

If any questions on the device, you can enquire our local agent or distributor. You also can directly enquire us. We can offer you user manual or video for guide.

Do you have local agent in our country?

You can enquire us by Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. when you confirm the specific model of oxygen concentrators.

What is the packing material, packed size and weight of the Oxygen Concentrator?

Most of our oxygen concentrators are packed by cartons with PVC foam protection inside. Some large medical oxygen concentrators used in hospital will be packed by wooden box.

The package size and weight of different models are different. You can enquire us once you confirm the specific model.

Can you ship the Oxygen Concentrator to my country or to my address? What is the price?

Yes, We can. The shipping cost for oxygen concentrators will depend on the distance and country or area.

What is the after-sale services for the Oxygen Concentrator?

International warranty for each unit, video of instruction and maintenance for oxygen concentrators. If any problem happened, you can enquire our local agent or directly our group.

Why choose us?

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced technology, we are able to produce Oxygen Concentrators of the highest quality.

We repay the love of our users with our good reputation and sincere service, and sincerely hope to cooperate with our users to create brilliance together.

Our products are rigorously tested and certified to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards.

The company is now in a stage of vigorous development, and talents with striving spirit and professional ideals are welcome to join us!

Our products are designed to provide a high level of comfort and convenience to our customers, making them easy to use and maintain.

Our company strictly abides by the spirit of contract, respects contracts and keeps promises, and has established a good reputation and credibility in the domestic and international markets, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships.

Our products are designed to provide clean, pure oxygen to improve the health and well-being of our customers, without any by-products or harmful emissions.

We realize that if an enterprise does not advance, it will retreat. Therefore, we will continue to move forward with the concept of innovation.

We are a Chinese factory specializing in high-quality Oxygen Concentrator products and professional services.

We are a professional manufacturer and trader of Oxygen Concentrator. Supplying our customers with quality products in a timely manner is a goal shared by each of our dedicated employees. Welcome new and old customers to contact us for future business and friendship!

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Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen concentrators take in a gas supply (typically ambient air) and filter out nitrogen. The process provides the higher amounts of oxygen needed for oxygen therapy...
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